Our collection at Scott Landon is curated, and we only showcase items that we stand behind 100%. Each item we offer must pass our thorough in-house inspection process before it is listed. Every item listed in our online store has a full 360 degree view photo gallery in high definition so we can ensure your satisfaction. We only buy items we love, and always have a clear idea of the best application that it has in today’s market. Browse our online shop now to find the inspiration you need in your interior.
Scott Landon Antiques and Interiors represents more than just a cool vintage chair or an ornate antique mirror, we represent a lifestyle of quality, authenticity and enduring taste.
Scott Landon Antiques and Interiors is a proud member of the Canadian Antiques Dealer Association (CADA) which vows to protect the most valuable and historical pieces in the country that customers can purchase with confidence and trust. The CADA is composed of members that show dedication to providing antiques that customers can be assured are of the highest quality, certifiably authentic and meet stringent ethical standards.