Our Approach

Storied Goods of Quality

Scott Landon Antiques and Interiors represents more than just a cool vintage chair or an ornate antique mirror, we represent a lifestyle of quality, authenticity and enduring taste. Known for our extensive catalogue of reclaimed lighting, antique furniture and architectural salvage, we work with interiors that have a story to tell and a mood to convey without using words. We take an all encompassing perspective towards our collection, showing respect to all eras and styles of antique items.


About the Founder

Our founder Scott Landon has a deep rooted passion for seeking out and acquiring the best of the past.

With over two decades of experience and dedication to the antique, reclaimed and salvage markets, Landon uses his unmatched network of industry connections to help hand-pick some of the most unique pieces from across Canada and the US.

After spending over 18 years located on Granville Street in Vancouver, we moved our showroom to a larger space in South Surrey where we could stretch out and better showcase our offerings.