Is my order secure?
May I order over the phone?
Who should I contact to ask a question about my order?
Which Credit Cards Do You Accept?
How is sales tax calculated?
Are in-store pricing and online consistent?
When is payment required?
Which items are returnable?
What is the return process?
What is the return shipping charge?
Are international order returns available?
What if my item is damaged or defective?
What do I do if I receive an incorrect item?
How are gift items returned?
Can I cancel my order?
Can I order custom pieces?
When will I receive my order?
What shipping methods do you use?
What if my item requires special delivery?
What about international order fees, taxes and duties?
Do multiple item orders ship separately?
Do I need to be present at the delivery location to accept it?
If there is an issue with delivery or packaging, who do I contact?
Will my items be assembled when delivered?
What is the process to schedule a white glove delivery?
Can you ship items overseas?
Can I ship my order to a different address?
Do you offer gift cards?
Is there a trade program available?