1930 Industrial Pivot Table Lamp Light by O C White Lighting

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A fine example of perhaps one of the best companies ever to produce industrial style lighting.

In the late 19th century, noting the functional inefficiencies of medical lighting, Dr. Otis C. White, a dental surgeon from Middlesex County, Massachusetts, designed his very-own light to help improve his visibility in the examining and operating rooms. The light he created was a more-versatile and more-effective, adjustable floor lamp, unlike anything else available then. Today, his light remains a shining example of how innovative and industrious many of the early Americans were. Dr. Otis founded the O.C. White Co. in Worcester, Massachusetts, which was an early “hub of industry” here in the US, before the turn of the century. 

Many examples were produced and sought after today by collectors and designers.

12.00" X 5.00" X 12.00"

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