1960 Sofa MP129 Leather by Percival Lafer

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Very nicely shaped lounge chair designed and manufactured by Percival Lafer, Brazil, 1960. The chair has a solid rosewood  wooden frame and  leather upholstery. Chrome connections and leather straps support the seating cushion. The cushion is made of brown leather parts, nicely tufted. The chair is in very good original condition.

Percival Lafer Furniture


When it comes to mid-century furniture, the innovative work of the Brazilian Modernists has often been overlooked, including the designs of prolific maker Percival Lafer. Lafer studied architecture at São Paulo’s Universidade Mackenzie. After he graduated, his father passed away suddenly, leaving a furniture business that Lafer took over with his brothers.

Taking up the mantle, Lafer made the jump from architecture to furniture design in 1961, putting a focus on thoughtfully designed pieces available at affordable prices. That year, he introduced his supremely popular MP-1 chair, a plush piece of furniture made with iron and wood that he has riffed on throughout his entire career. The silhouettes of his lounge chairs, armchairs and other seating were distinct from streamlined American and European mid-century modernism, taking on casual, puffed forms thanks to his use of polyurethane layers as padding. He combined such contemporary industrial materials with local natural ones, namely Brazilian hardwoods, which delighted customers around the world as Lafer became one of the country’s leading exporters of furniture.


27.00" X 80.00" X 34.00"

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