Steel Coffee table base with 1930 Vitrolite top

Steel Coffee table base with 1930 Vitrolite top


We found 6 tops in a very old mercantile shop in Vancouver . Tops are 1/2 inch thick vitrolite and were once used for a cafe opened up during WW2.

Excellent patina.  40 x40 x 18 high ..

In the middle years of the Great Depression, shinny colored “Vitrolite” glass appeared on store fronts in the U.S. and U.K.  The peak popularity of this pigmented structural glass coincided with the later Art Deco streamlined period, making Vitrolite and Art Deco inseparable.

There were at least eight manufacturers of pigmented structural glass but ultimately, two vied for first place, Pittsburgh Plate Glass, makers of “Carrara” and the Vitrolite Company.

Carrara and Vitrolite were essentially identical in appearance and application so the story of their rivalry is more than anything else, about marketing.

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