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Our store is a fusion of important Canadian antiques, urban American industrial artifacts, art, furnishings, and the overlooked. Our goal: Simple. To bring valuable historical, sometimes neglected, vibrant items together in a timeless sophisticated fresh venue.

Creativity. Responsible reclaiming. Learning. Teaching. Scale, patina, history. These are ingredients of our store presentation.

The result?

A special quality impression; an aura, a feeling. A place we hope you would want to bring home.

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SCOTT LANDON ANTIQUES - a Modern Antique store.


Over the years, I've purchased a variety of items based only on the web site photos and descriptions. Why take a chance? Because Scott is a pro - he knows his stuff, his descriptions are spot on and he gets the items to you, wherever you are, hassle-free. I've never been disappointed with the service or with the quality of the items I've purchased and that's why I keep coming back.”
– Margo Plaunt