1930 Large Industrial Crouse-Hinds Pendant Lights

1930 Large Industrial Crouse-Hinds Pendant Lights


Set of four large Rewired and CSA approved industrial lights.


On January 18th, 1897, the Crouse-Hinds Company opened, producing a patented trolley car headlight. Firm grew to produce switches, panel boards, electrical conduits, including explosion-proof installations; traffic lights, airport lighting, and even the lighting for Panama Canal.

Eaton’s Crouse –Hinds Business, credited with developing the first traffic light, had its beginnings when twenty-four year old Huntington Beard Crouse met fifty-one year old Jesse L. Hinds.  Crouse was introduced to Hinds by his distant relative, Jacob Crouse, a prominent Syracuse businessman.  Hinds wanted to start his own business, but lacked capital while Crouse was without a job, but had some money.  On January 18, 1897, the papers were drawn to formalize the partnership and Crouse-Hinds Electric Company was born.

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