1920 Drafting table by A. Lietz -USA

1920 Drafting table by A. Lietz -USA


Beautiful adjustable drafting table base in perfect blue paint  with original top and height adjustment from 30-44 high.

Made in USA.

 Lietz originally joint ventured with another maker, Gottlieb A. Mauerhan, to form "Lietz and Mauerhan," a relationship that lasted for about a year.  Following Mauerhan's departure, Lietz paired up with Conrad J. Weinmann who had previously worked for Carl Rahsskopff.  The company was renamed "A. Lietz & Co." and at that time produced surveying instruments and related tools.   The firm incorporated in 1892 under the name "The A. Lietz Company" and Weinmann possibly left at about that time.   In 1910 a complete line of drafting materials and engineering equipment was added. In 1947, after 65 years of production, the firm discontinued the manufacturing of surveying instruments.

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