This project was a joint venture between Ste. Marie Design, Scott Landon and the owners of Home St. Cafe. Our primary responsibility were to source materials that Ste. Marie team would use in their design. Some of the highlights of the space sourced by us are the 19th century carved angel, that is one of five that came out of the Centre of Philosophy in Quebec, the raw flooring which reworks 1920s shiplap into a herringbone style tongue and groove, and the Hudson Bay building lights that hang over the diving room tables. There is a collage of different items and eras that are thoughtfully represented the Homer’s environment. Some other stand to pieces include the ceiling tins utilized through out the space, the steel windows that enclose the private upper-dining area, as well as the 19th century bar front, which was taken apart and custom fitted to the new bar, a beautiful balance of new technology and old world aesthetic.

Rubén Nava