I was recently asked, "What is it that you do?" The simple answer, and the same one for many years has always been, "We run an Antique store." This time, however, I thought about my answer for a few moments and then replied, "After 20 years I am unsure of a technical term, but I am a merchant, a collector, a curator and restorer, a renovator, an educator, rescuer and buyer.” Though my answer might have seemed liked a lot, it truly is what we are required to do in order to run our company on a day-to-day basis.

We are constantly reinventing the direction and scope of what we believe is relevant in an industry like ours. I am still fascinated by the direction this business has taken me, allowing me to explore the past through art, antiques, design and architecture and to be inspired by it; to learn and to see things I would not have thought relevant and be privileged enough to meet a lot of interesting people along this journey.

A few of my favourite words in this context: patina, texture, surface, form, design, architecture, antiques and art. I believe in what I buy, and in what I offer for sale.

Beautiful items - art, antique, urban, industrial, modern have a way of perfectly coming together in harmony.


– Scott

Member of the Canadian Antique Dealers Association


Scott Landon is one of Canada’s most respected antique dealers, curators, design planners and collection management specialists. Focusing on pieces from Canada and the US  and now Europe from  the last 250 years and onwards, Scott has built a reputation by understanding how antique pieces can complement contemporary interiors and projects across residential, corporate and hospitality.