18thc Quebec Diamond Point Armoire Sells for 65K at auction

A recent auction in Ontario featured an iconic Quebec armoire previously owned by a long time antique dealer in Toronto.

This piece was featured in several publications and was the offered first the first time at public auction. 

The market for furniture has suffered internationally over the last 5 years, however some hints of a slight rebound are definitely in place. This piece for example suffered from some major restoration which in my opinion may have affected the potential heights it may have reached. It is a still a great piece and is now in the hands of a collector from Ontario.

I have always been intrigued by the variation in prices for the top items in our country versus the international market.  Times have changed and are changing again..will be interesting to see how the market adapts.

Our Canadian heritage is still very importantand it is our responsibility to see that it stays that way.