1910 Metal Doors -Smith Tower Building Seattle

1910 Metal Doors -Smith Tower Building Seattle


Beautiful cleaned down metal doors with original privacy glass that once graced  the famous -featuring brass details ... 30" 32 " and a few 36"

We have 12 in Stock various sizes and styles .. price will vary on quantity, size and form.

Smith Tower is a skyscraper in Pioneer Square in Seattle, Washington. Completed in 1914, the 38-story, 484 ft (148 m) tower is the oldest skyscraper in the city, and was among the tallest skyscrapers outside New York City at the time of its completion.[8] It was the tallest building west of the Mississippi River until the completion of the Kansas City Power & Light Building in 1931.[8] It remained the tallest building on the West Coast for nearly half a century until the Space Needle overtook it in 1962.[9]

Smith Tower is named after its builder, firearm and typewriter magnate Lyman Cornelius Smith, and is a designated Seattle landmark.[10]



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