Original Charles and Ray Eames Compact Sofa for Herman Miller

Original Charles and Ray Eames Compact Sofa for Herman Miller


Original 1950's era Eames Compact sofa for Herman Miller. Recently acquired from a private collection in San Francisco. Original leather and fold-down capability. Designed by Charles and Ray Eames in the 1940s, the Compact Sofa has been in continuous production at Herman Miller since 1954.

The Eameses were a husband-and-wife team whose unique synergy led to a whole new look in furniture. Lean and modern. Sleek, sophisticated, and simple. Beautifully functional. Yet Charles and Ray Eames created more than a ‘look’ with their bent plywood chairs and molded fiberglass seating. They had ideas about making a better world, one in which things were designed to fulfill the practical needs of ordinary people and bring greater simplicity and pleasure to our lives.

 The Eameses adventurously pursued new ideas and forms with a sense of “serious fun.” Yet it was rigorous discipline that allowed them to achieve perfection of form and mastery over materials. As Charles noted about the molded plywood chair, “Yes, it was a flash of inspiration – a kind of 30-year flash.” Combining imagination and thought, art and science, Charles and Ray Eames created some of the most influential expressions of 20th-century design – furniture that remains stylish, fresh and functional today.

 And they didn’t stop with furniture. The Eameses also created a highly innovative Case Study House in response to a magazine contest. They made films, including a seven-screen installation at the 1959 Moscow World’s Fair, presented in a dome designed by Buckminster Fuller. They designed showrooms, invented toys and generally made the world a more interesting place to be.

 As the most important exponents of organic design, Charles and Ray Eames demonstrated how good design can improve quality of life and human understanding and knowledge.

Comfortable and svelte, yet also strong and durable, the Sofa Compact sits well in homes and office spaces alike. It is available exclusively from Herman Miller in a variety of high quality upholstery fabrics.

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