Anheuser Busch Advertising Brewing Poster of Custer’s Last Stand

Anheuser Busch Advertising Brewing Poster of Custer’s Last Stand


32.5H” x 40.5W” 1952

A framed pub poster of Custer’s Last Fight, created on behalf of Anheuser Busch Brewing Co., of St. Louis, MO, by Milwaukee Litho Co. Great color and detail in a thoroughly documented poster that identifies all the participants in this notorious battle.


Research shows that in 1889, Adolphus Busch employed the Milwaukee Litho Co to make prints of the 1884 version of Custer's Battle. An employee of the company, F Otto Becker, was hired by Busch to create the master painting which would become one of the most successful and recognizable Anheuser Busch advertising pieces. The print itself measures approximately 29"x 21". Print fits inside frame of approximately the same measurements. The condition of the print is good from what I can tell but the frame has some scuffs and marks. Wording on the print is as follows: 

Custer's Last Fight The Original Painting has been Presented to the Seventh Regiment U.S. Calvery By Anheuser Brewing Association St. Louis, MO. U.S.A. 
Entered According to Act of Congress by Adolphus Busch March 30, 1896 in the Office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington, DC Sioux Warrior who Killed Custer Rain in the Face Cheyenne Warrior Autie Reed Custer's Nephew Half Breed Captain T. W. Custer General Custer Half Breed Lieut. A. E. Smith Lieut. Cook Capt. G. W. Yates Lieut. W. Van W. Reily Courier from Sitting Bull Squaw Killing Wounded The Milwaukee Litho Co. 

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