1930 Westinghouse Electric Industrial Lights

1930 Westinghouse Electric Industrial Lights


18” diameter

A pair of Westinghouse Electric industrial lights from 1930, salvaged from an old Detroit warehouse. Great color, plus pivoting lamp heads. The lights have been re-wired and are CSA approved. Price per lamp.

Westinghouse Electric was founded by George Westinghouse in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1886. The firm became active in developing electric infrastructure throughout the United States. The company's largest factories were located in East Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, and Lester, PA[1] and in Hamilton, Ontario, where they made turbines, generators, motors, and switch gear for generation, transmission, and use of electricity.[2] In addition to George Westinghouse, early engineers working for the company included Frank ConradBenjamin Garver LammeOliver B. ShallenbergerWilliam StanleyNikola TeslaStephen Timoshenko and Vladimir Zworykin.

Early on Westinghouse was a rival to Thomas Edison's electric company. In 1892 Edison was merged with Westinghouse's chief AC rival, the Thomson-Houston Electric Company, making even bigger competitor, General Electric. Westinghouse changed its name to Westinghouse Electric Corporation in 1945.

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