1920 Brass Russell & Stoll NYC Wall Sconces

1920 Brass Russell & Stoll NYC Wall Sconces


9H” x 4W” x 4D” price per fixture

A matched pair of authentic and original “jam jar” style wall sconces, circa 1920. Made by Russell & Still of New York City for that city’s subway station. Brass fittings are in excellent condition, as are the original screw-in glass shades. Re-wired and CSA approved.

Authentic early 20th century cast brass and/or bronze double electric NYC underground subway station fixtures designed and fabricated specifically for subway stations by the Russell & Stoll company of NYC . Several variations of this fixture were used in subway stations. Single or double pendant lights were employed in larger spaces, while the smaller wall and ceiling-mount fixtures were used in and around the station platforms. 


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